Thursday, December 29, 2011


Once that happened all hell breaks loose, there are 4 races in the game. The Ancients, the Fallen Angels and Demons. The Ancients were created by God to princiìo of time trends in the balance owned by ensuring knowledge, had extrasensory abilities of telekinesis, and even Kinesis piroquinesis or other types, depending on what you study, usually not involved in either side, unless the balance is desiquilibrara. The Fallen were demons, once realizing that they had done evil to betray God and to seek power, used his evil essence to address evil and achieve redemption, dealing with all types of weapons used, experts in them, like demons, and are able to infect or cure certain types of wounds. Demons are creatures of pure evil who rebelled against God and all his brothers, they use black magic and are highly gifted in all weapons. Benébolas Angels are creatures capable of healing wounds, neutralize black magic and great combat.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

About the game.

The game is fully customizable to players, has a unique system and can be done in any year required. If one believes the game to start, usually your first goal will be to survive, wherever this as a shot of the narrator, there will be a difficulty. That level of difficulty can be very difficult, normal or easy, that could translate it or is too far from the point of infection, or close enough to start running at the start of the game. Also, if the characters are soldiers and are among the countries at war, we can interpret the same run to put them in a different theater of war, sometimes by being in the middle of a battle with enemy soldiers as well as the monsters themselves.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Months after.

It has been seven months since the inferno began, seven long months. It's July 7, 2017, a bad year, the year the decline of humanity. Entire countries have been taken by surprise, Spain, Italy, much of Russia and China has fallen, the United States and Canada are almost completely annihilated. Have appeared millions of flesh-hungry demons and murder, and only a few places as may strongly resist, holding as much as you can. There is talk of mutations in demons, giant creatures are many-headed, one speaks of beasts with sickles in their hands, carrying swords, demons, and creatures of ultrasonic cries able to destroy the ears of a common humanity.

This century has been a year marked by science and survival. There have been strange experiments with blood and monsters virus, resulting in sometimes miracles ... and sometimes disaster. In a bunker Russian scientists discovered the method of transforming some of the blood of the monsters to regenerate the wounds of an ordinary person totally unable to regenerate limbs, but is just as capable of regenerating injured body as the worst war wound. Also spoke of experiments with people, trying to base blood of the monsters get stronger or faster ... but just horrific and devastating mutations appeared to all civilians who were nearby.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

What is rol games for me.

Role-playing games are a creation that came out of literature, through the imagination, ending at the table games and computer games we play daily. Movies like Lord of the Rings series of children as dungeons and dragons, all came from the literature, and are now games. Things really are fantastic, totally separate worlds should be further embedded in everyday life than they are today, but unfortunately, the fact that these are known by few people do that are not popular. ''Games like Vampire: The Masquerade'',''Seventh Sea,''and many others, are really funny creations UANSA, pleasant to pass them a long time playing, but still not many of us spend time playing them. Some of us take it as sappy, I think we should take them by the uneducated.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

That is all about.

Death Thoughts is a horror game based on a not too distant future in which war develops, and alongside this, a global group infernal portals to hell unleashed in different parts of the world, unleashing the closest possible an apocalypse on earth.

In 2016, the largest oil producers worldwide are running completely, causing a massive global inflation, and really a voltage level not seen since the Cold War. The UN, meanwhile, began receiving harsh criticism from the international community in general for not foreseeing this problem, and above all, for being unable to stop a possible global energy crisis. U.S. tried to take care of the problem, but unfortunately the great capitalist had lost all its power, and was not able to maintain the collision of the countries, and plans were only a drain on international politics. It quickly began to create brawls, and China, which had been kept away at all times, began a military buildup on nearby countries like Thailand, Laos, Nepal and others, who called for help quickly, but were crushed by China.

NATO, meanwhile, had prevented something, and solar energy sources protected them. Carefully observed the expansion of China, and decided to attack it directly through Russia. By causing this whole scenario of global conflict, the UN decided to participate actively, but when you start this, most of America decided to get out of the conflict, leaving the UN, and starting to form the Alliance of Free Countries (APL) which is decided to stay out of the war. The UN condemned this action and called it''undemocratic''did nothing more, because they were not strong enough ... yet.

There are no reports on what has happened in the ritual, there are only reports of nearby places where you talk about strange events, such as spontaneous generation of light with nothing that is generated, and most terrifying, we speak of mutilations people, blood, and a large number of bodies of people killed near the center of the rituals also have been totally alien creatures in this neighborhood, have appreciated humanoid monsters, much like humans equipped with swords and rustic armor, in some cases, completely butchered dogs, monstrous and bloody nail every step of the way, emaciated men and women, with white eyes, dripping blood and shooting complain that they are capable of breaking glasses, men have also been semidescarnados, ... staffs possessing and using a strange power that is much like the story books for children, able to melt things ... and quickly kill normal people.He says it started the night of 7 December 2016, at which time was recorded for the first time a meeting between police and these monsters, which were rapidly advancing massifying night. The surprise factor seemed to seriously affect law enforcement around the world, they do not really know what was happening. Most of the countries at war were unable to provide a great fight in their own country because their troops were divided into war zones, and it cost a lot for just a few days in big cities like Atlanta, Chicago, San Francisco, Beijing, Berlin, Paris, and many others, fell at the mercy of these monsters.In the case of South America were the only ones to pay much more resistance, as had all their military and law enforcement in their respective countries, and to show the atmosphere of war, everyone was on high alert at the time of combat. Know when the information in the crowded disappearances, assassinations, and images of monsters roaming the streets, there was a deep fear in the population, information on social networking flew everywhere, talking about an apocalypse of monsters, unleashed hell on earth, the onset of chaos began.

At the beginning of this presidents and scientists from around the world had gone completely protected bunkers and places with maximum safety, calling people to shelter in their homes and to support law enforcement close their places. No one knows exactly where they have gone, but at least you can ensure that most people with''power''have been safeguarded better than anyone else in the world. On the other hand, at the beginning of this, he immediately stopped the fighting and the military forces of all countries appeared in a massive retreat to try to save part of the cities, but unfortunately it would cost a lot, especially because the city seemed to fall very fast.
NATO threatened the rest of the UN intervene if the conflict could be involved in the war, to which this rejection hard sayings and invaded the coast of Bordeaux, France, and Lisbon in Portugal. NATO's response was immediate, immediately expelling all the countries that were part of the UN in NATO, including the United States, and then declare war on all of them together, starting a new global conflict, the which would shake all people from all continents ... at that time.
Parallel to all this international scene, a top secret group hellish, satanic, devilish,''called''sanguinem et Ignem saw their opportunity they had hoped for decades. This group of Satanists was investigated in dark rituals, rituals that claimed to be able to unleash the demon lords in the land, and grant power of gigantic humans who were able to release to this plane. They corrupted by the dark power, and the chaos of the moment, kidnappings prepared virgins in over 120 countries, and when they were ready, they began a ritual of blood, which were sacrificed virgins ... and unleashed something that does not thought to be unleashed at any time.