Monday, December 26, 2011

Months after.

It has been seven months since the inferno began, seven long months. It's July 7, 2017, a bad year, the year the decline of humanity. Entire countries have been taken by surprise, Spain, Italy, much of Russia and China has fallen, the United States and Canada are almost completely annihilated. Have appeared millions of flesh-hungry demons and murder, and only a few places as may strongly resist, holding as much as you can. There is talk of mutations in demons, giant creatures are many-headed, one speaks of beasts with sickles in their hands, carrying swords, demons, and creatures of ultrasonic cries able to destroy the ears of a common humanity.

This century has been a year marked by science and survival. There have been strange experiments with blood and monsters virus, resulting in sometimes miracles ... and sometimes disaster. In a bunker Russian scientists discovered the method of transforming some of the blood of the monsters to regenerate the wounds of an ordinary person totally unable to regenerate limbs, but is just as capable of regenerating injured body as the worst war wound. Also spoke of experiments with people, trying to base blood of the monsters get stronger or faster ... but just horrific and devastating mutations appeared to all civilians who were nearby.

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