Thursday, December 29, 2011


Once that happened all hell breaks loose, there are 4 races in the game. The Ancients, the Fallen Angels and Demons. The Ancients were created by God to princiìo of time trends in the balance owned by ensuring knowledge, had extrasensory abilities of telekinesis, and even Kinesis piroquinesis or other types, depending on what you study, usually not involved in either side, unless the balance is desiquilibrara. The Fallen were demons, once realizing that they had done evil to betray God and to seek power, used his evil essence to address evil and achieve redemption, dealing with all types of weapons used, experts in them, like demons, and are able to infect or cure certain types of wounds. Demons are creatures of pure evil who rebelled against God and all his brothers, they use black magic and are highly gifted in all weapons. Benébolas Angels are creatures capable of healing wounds, neutralize black magic and great combat.

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